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Luxury Stay│Visiting Järvisydän Hotel and Spa in Finland

After a stressful few weeks at work in Helsinki, my girlfriends and I decided to take a much needed holiday. We have always wanted to go on a road trip together, so this is exactly what we decided to do. We hopped in a car from Helsinki and our fabulous girls trip began with a three hours drive!

The most unique hotel in Finland

While searching the web for the best accommodation and spa in Finland, I came across a unique hotel called Järvisydän. This wonderful hotel is set in the most romantic location, in the Linnansaari National Park, with gorgeous scenery. Forests and lakes surround Järvisydän, which make this hotel the perfect getaway.

Glass igloo hotel rooms

Upon entering this incredible hotel, your mind is blown away by the extraordinary stone and woodwork. As my friends and I whisper “wow” in sheer delight, we were escorted to the most magnificent, hotel rooms I have ever been in.

The Scenery Suites were enchanting! Surrounded by glass, your room allows the outside in. The walls of my room were made of glass, as well as the roof. It's as if you are sleeping outside amidst the forests but with all the creature comforts of being inside. Luxurious clean and soft linen, make up the beds and there is also a fireplace, which adds to the romance of the whole setting. My girls and I were so excited and couldn't believe the sheer luxury of the rooms and the hotel!

The natural rock spa with luxury treatments

After enjoying a glass of marvellous Chardonnay wine, and a much-needed nap, we decided to hit the Spa. With squeals of delight, we realised that we were in for a whole afternoon of being pampered. The spa has been built out of natural rock, which once again blends in with the natural surrounds of the Finnish landscape. The spa overlooks Lake Saimaa, which adds to the feeling of relaxation. We relaxed in the sauna, which was an amazing experience, and enjoyed a swim in the spa lake. It was interesting to note that the water in the spa lake is actual fresh lake water. We felt revitalised and relaxed. The spa offers a whole range of relaxing treatments, from hot stone massages (which is perfect for cold winter days.) to traditional massages and facials. We opted for a classic full body massage that lasted for a glorious full 90 minutes. What an amazing experience! We left the spa feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, exactly what we needed after our stressful days at work. We couldn't wait to get to our rooms and get ready for the evening. Where we enjoyed delicious dining, which was a true testament to Finnish cuisine. After a relaxing day, we couldn't wait to enjoy a peaceful nights sleep under the stars.

Waking up to the perfect breakfast

The next morning we awoke, and I must say, it was wonderful to be woken up, with the views of the forests. I couldn't wait to get a morning caffeine fix, so we made our way down to breakfast. The breakfast is included in the price because we stayed in the Scenery Suites and we were surprised by the buffet. There was a variety of different traditional Finnish foods, with the not-so-traditional but necessary croissants, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

We honestly did not want to leave. Hotel Järvisydän was an incredibly authentic experience. Hopefully, we will be able to go back again one day soon. Next time we might want to stay in one of their gorgeous villas. Even if you're not yet visiting Finland, you want to check this place out eventually, since it definitely was a bucket-list-thing to do for us.

-Paula xx

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