Festival Fashion: What to Wear at the Summer Closing Parties?

Festival fever! It's the final of the summer party season and I'm so ready to make the most of it. Also, there are Ibiza closing parties on its way! This year, I had opportunity to attend to the biggest urban music festival Blockfest in Finland (see some of the pictures below taken by me). They got a great list of A-Class artist performing this year, super fun weekend behind! Besides the great music, atmosphere and all the fun, let's talk about festival fashion for the moment. Music festival fashion is bold, fun and OTT, giving you the opportunity to experiment and let it all hang out - tastefully, please. 

Because let's face it festivals wouldn't be the same without the killer fashion that comes along with it. We love the festival looks. I just love the cool, comfy yet edgy vibe festival looks have. So let's get into this a little bit more and talk about festival fashion for a moment. Are you ready?!


I already mentioned the effortlessly cool, edgy vibe festival looks have in common. I love how festival outfits are both comfortable and high-fashion at the same time. Every year the closing of the festival seasons plays a bigger part in summer street fashion. How are people accessorise their festival looks and what are the latest trends in hair and beauty? 

The best part is that festival fashion mostly really is read-to-wear and appealing to a wide audience. Everyone can put an aspect of the typical festival outfits in their summer looks. Whether you're joining in on the latest hair and beauty styles, or buy yourself some festival key-items. 

It's pretty clear festival fashion consists no longer of outfits you only wear at festivals. It's a cool streetwise summer style you can bring to your daily summer looks as well. The most important thing, when it comes to fashion in festival style, is the edgy, relaxed vibe I mentioned before. Festival dressing is a bit comparable to the hippie Ibiza style, where the main case is to dress summery and comfortable. When you mix this typical Ibiza style with rock items you get a festival outfit on it's best. So let's talk about these great looks a bit more, shall we? 


All kidding aside, we take festival dressing very seriously. This season we spotted a lot of lace-up tops, tops with bell sleeves, trumpet trousers, ruffles, wrapping playsuits and the combination of different patterns. So pick out a flowy dress or jumpsuit with different patterns in it, or a cool playsuit with wrapping details and style these items with cool combat boots or slouchy boots. Top it with a cool hat and you're festival ready.

Are you more the type for spicing up cool vintage jeans shorts? I feel you! Get yourself some cool vintage high waist jeans shorts and mix them up with one of the it-tops mentioned above. Together with a flowy top, a cool vintage rock tee or body you'll create the perfect festival look in no-time. 

Collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery


I really love the cool vibe booties or slouchy boots are bringing to your festival fashion. These cowgirl-inspired looks really have the effortlessly-cool, casual look festival outfits are known for. Even more important; flat boots and flat booties are also super convenient at festivals since they keep your feet from getting dirty or hurt. But the main reason for loving them paired with your festival clothes is of course that they look super cool. So dust off your cowboy boots or get yourself a pair of cool Ibiza boots to complete your festival looks!


Have you already picked your festival key-items for the closing summer party season? Or are you going to keep it casual and just going to grab something that's already in your closet? Whatever you're going to wear to festivals this season, make sure you are wearing the right shoes! Comfortable is the keyword. So stack up on comfy flat sandals, cool mules, slides and flat booties! 

-Paula xx