Lifestyle: The Magnesia Yoga Festival in Scandinavia, Must read! 

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Magnesia Yoga Festival 2019

What is the Magnesia festival about, it’ll find out soon…

I have always wanted to do wellness retreat, but I have never been able to find anything that catches my eye, until I found out about the Magnesia Festival in Suomenlinna, Helsinki. This festival sounds amazing! With the ancient and magical Suomenlinna fortress as the location of this unique festival, your eyes and soul will be able to feast on breathtaking scenery. The Suomenlinna fortress is also a world heritage site. Imagine being surrounded by ancient buildings and earthy scenery. There’s something about being around historical sites and nature that makes me feel grounded as if the earth is drawing me in and healing my soul. And this is exactly what I expect to happen at the Magnesia Festival.

Yoga festival in Finland 

This spectacular 3-day event will not disappoint! It promises to be a joyful celebration of yoga, meditation, music, delicious and healthy food, dance and well being. So if you in Helsinki during the August 2-4 2019, make sure to pop over to the Magnesia Festival. I am going to, for sure! There is nothing better than yoga, beautiful scenery and great food to nourish your mind, body, and soul. 

If you want to book a ticket, you can choose between 1, 2 and 3 days. To book tickets you can go to the official Magnesia Festival Website over here


Magnesia festival promises to support sustainable fashion 

If you forgot your yoga gear, don't worry! At the Magnesia Festival, you will be able to buy the most amazing eco-friendly yoga one-pieces, leggings, and other wellness-related items, which are always eco-friendly and sustainable. For instance, we designed the One-piece to be a wonderful outfit that feels like a second skin since the fabric is made out of breathable rPET also known as recycled plastic. The Magnesia festival focuses on wellness and mindfulness, so it only makes perfect sense for them to truly also walk-the-walk, and select brand partners, which live up to their promise of sustainability.  

All items which are available at the festival can also be purchased here,  if for whatever reason you can't make the festival, you can still buy our brand @Vanilla.Shanti and all others, after the festival online. 

2.8.-4.8. in Helsinki 

So if you're in Helsinki during the 2nd to the 4th of August, make sure to stop over at the Magnesia Festival. I can't wait to go! Nature, sea, music, dance, yoga and delicious food! What could be better?

- Paula xx

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Pictures by Matti Keski-Kohtamäki