Luxury Fashion: EFUI Harlley Designs


We're in the middle of summer which means that there will be a lot of press events ahead as well as fashion weeks preparations!

I'm super happy that I had an opportunity to spend time with my family last month and having a midsummer in Finland but now it's about the time to head back to London. Somehow I'm super excited about it. I don't know about you but I like to have contrasts in my life, meaning that I like to spend time in the countryside for a little while but then moving back to the hectic city life. As an extrovert I'm getting the energy from the people surrounding me and as you may know London it the city where everyone is working on their own projects. It's the city where I feel so productive, inspired and connected with fashion. I can't wait to catch up with all of my Londoners! ❤️

July and August are the months for me to focusing on finding the right looks and styles to dress up in important events. I like to explore new high standard brands but also stick with my comfortable brands showing their new collections. In case you’re following along on Instagram and IG stories, you might know that my absolute passion is to focus on high-quality slow fashion brands who focus on using the right fabrics and right cuts to make the design fits perfectly to every size of the body. Ladies, you know how hard it's to find the best fitted evening dresses but I must admit that EFUI Harlley’s RED SILK DUAL RING DRESS is the right one to my taste and my body! I love when wearing it on me I can still breath while it brings perfectly the silhouette of the body to be shown. EFUI Harlley Designs is a line of exclusively distinctive apparel for the discriminating woman of any age.

In this crepe silk red dress have two gold embossed rings adorn the side with a peek-a-boo cut across the chest evoking an air of distinction. You can style this dress with gold hue accessories and court heels for an elaborate finish.

- Paula xx

They have a gorgeous collection of handmade cocktail dresses available online here: