The 4TH of July: Prepare for Summer Parties!

After tense and busy days of selfless hard work at your duty station, celebrating weekend at a cheerful and entertaining place is a big source of refreshing your body and soul for a long time. In the hot long days of summer and lighter evenings provide us with even more opportunity for partying with friends and family. It's time to start thinking about dining al fresco, picnics in the park and also, The 4th of July is just around the corner, which means it's time to get the party preparation underway. To enjoy your most awaited picnic or recreational party in a true spirit, you have to plan it carefully and expertly in order to avoid any inconvenience and bad experience. Getting together with friends and family at a beautiful tourist resort is a memorable event which should be made historic in every sense. This opportunity must be enjoyed with full peace of mind as a unique opportunity. We are here to suggest few tried and tested ideas to make your outing a historic one. A catering or home décor company can be hired to arrange charming lighting, barbecue nets and stoves and state of the art crockery items for the best of inspiration.

How to Prepare for a pleasant experience:

Before planning a tour or outing, the following tips must be considered in letter and spirit to the best of your heart and minds.

  • Finalize a place with the consent of your friends and family members. Study the route, environment, prices, transportation, accommodation, cost and company in detail.

  • Finalize the above mentioned requirements after thorough calculations of available budget and balanced comparison between budget and expenses.

  • The time you want to spend at the picnic spot or tourist resort must be well calculated based on the availability of transport, conditions of routes and a room for the emergencies. Time once finalized must be in accordance with available budget and resources.

  • Food and drinks is a crucial part of outing or visiting a recreational facility. Choices for food depend on nature of the persons. You have to take on board all choices including vegetarians and meat eaters. Drinks also belong to choices so choose these items after consultation with your colleagues, friends and family members.

  • Go green and environment friendly with disposable items and environment friendly practices in order to remain civilized. Your environmental behavior will not only help keep the environment healthy but also promote healthy and positive trends.

Shot by @detailsbyalessandra

Shot by @detailsbyalessandra

Picnic in the Park or tourist resort:

Parks and picnic spots are public places where members of the community gather to get some relief and mental satisfaction. Besides arranging and planning your food options as mentioned above, you have to keep in mind that a proper seating, chairs, sheets or portable furniture will be needed. Facilities for cooking food i.e. gas cylinders and ovens will be needed to help you cook your own food. Again, it is strongly recommended that you must remain environment friendly.

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Summer Decorations:

For best experience in summer, you'll need a setup that inspires a relaxed atmosphere and easygoing lounging among your friends. Summer parties may be beautified with romantic lighting, background music, colorful balloons and placards, banners, paintings and suitable arrangements. Drinks according to weather makes it additional fun in the courtyard. An additional arrangement of sheds and tent like premises will add more beauty and relaxation to the event.

Setting the Mood with Lighting: If your party is set to go into the evening, then you’ll want to have some lighting. This can be done cheaply by hanging up vintage style string lights just like in picture below, using paper lanterns, or use candle lanterns to light up the tables.

Here are inspirations for summer decorations

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Summer Outdoor Games:

Before the food could be prepared, an activity is required to enjoy the fun and keep the party busy. An outdoor game has no alternative on this occasion. Keeping in view of the nature of the tourist resort and facilities available, you should plan for the feasible outdoor games. Some of these games may include water surfing, volley ball, badminton, football, tennis, cricket and so on. These outdoor games is a force multiplier for mental relief and satisfaction during outing or entertaining moments. Arrangement of speed boats and other sailing facilities at the beaches, lakes and rivers can make it amazing fun. Other luxuries that may decorate your program are horse riding, golf matches, para gliding and much more.

 Here is a collection of best outdoor games for you.

Hire Professional Performer:

Why not consult an entertainer, mentalist or a magician for your trip and make it special, unique and extraordinary with the joy of art performer? A professional mentalist such as Johannes Malkamäki, will add fun, joy, distinction and beauty to your parties. Johannes stands out due to his ability to perform by combining
the illusions of magic of the mentalist’s interactive with over 12 years experience. He is capable of amusing your guests, make sensational memories and add a little humour with stand up in both outdoor and indoor parties giving a magical evening. A team of performers at the professional level or artists of repute or demonstrators will distinguish your program to make its memories last for a long time.

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- Paula xx