Luxury Raya Spa: Healing Energy is Understatement

Zen Proverb said wisely once:

"You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day- unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour. “

What comes to a self-care, I think that you should follow the same rule. When we are busy and stressed, we often forget ourselves and punish ourselves by doing even more work and neglecting the most important thing to do; self-care.


When you take care of yourself you feel better, when you feel better, you can do more and give more. When I am busy and stressed I always try to push the pause button at least for a few hours. What can be better self-care treatment than a spa day?

I got a chance to experience Raya Spa Beauty Salon with my sister in West Hollywood. I  have visited a number of spas around Europe, including London, Prague, Berlin, Spain. Some of you might already know that I also suffered from stress caused by hormonal acne. I've tried many various facial treatments and eaten the anti-acne drug without good results. Now, finally, I can say that I have found so far my favourite spa, treatment and skin care products that really work for me!

One thing I need to point out is that it's really important to listen to your beautician and what do they recommend for you and to your skin type. Also, remember to follow the instructions. If it says that use the product daily or once in a week, do so. I have noticed that using Raya's skin care products regularly it really helps and keep my skin in good condition. I can see the difference immediately. For example, if I'm on my travels and I've forgotten my current daily skin care products home, after 4 days my skin is getting worse. Of course, it depends, but my skin is really sensitive for everything like heavy temperature changes, sunlight or the food I eat. If I eat food with lots of fat like chocolate, it shows on my skin the next morning for sure. But using Raya's skin care products daily, there are no surprises in the next morning on my skin and I can worry less.

I have listed all the Raya's face care products that I currently use daily or once/twice in a week. Also, they have this a magic product called Bio - Soothing Cream. It is a spot treatment cream that helps calm inflamed blemishes and soothe irritations. If I see a spot on my skin, I put just a little bit this cream to the top of my spot for the night and next morning the redness of the spot has disappeared and in a good day, the spot is gone also!


Raya Spa is the local authority on skin care located in the heart of West Hollywood. They have been in business for almost 40 years. They offer a luxurious experience with high-end Facials and Spa treatments. Their own diverse products are made from high-quality ingredients for many different types of skin with reasonable price. I must say this was my best Facial experience. I've been visiting many spa and beauty salons but Raya Spa's knowledgeable and friendly staff made my time special.

At first, we went to a relaxing steaming room. They have several steam rooms and saunas to choose from. From there, they guided us to the facials. While starting the treatment they turned on the specific application next to my face, which steamed my skin for the entire facial. I really felt that it helped to my skin to take all the ingredients into my skin better from all the masks that they used during the 60 minutes treatment. I had their Spa Facial, which includes a Custom European Facial + the use of the spa facilities. It addresses a variety of needs ranging from clogged pores, breakouts, inflammation, oiliness, dryness, dull patchy complexion, premature aging, and environmental damage. Custom facials use products and techniques precisely designed to fit for your skin care concerns. Only Raya's exclusive skin care products are used during the treatments.

These tailored treatments cater to all skin types and may include Includes skin analysis, steam application, pore cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, massage for the face (exclude blemished skin), mask, hydration, hot/cold Japanese iron. Under-eye treatment is also included. For an added treat, you can complement your facial with microdermabrasion, oxygen treatment, LED light therapy or Ultra Sound Skin Therapy.

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Xx Paula