MÁDARA Organic Skincare: Infinity Drops Immuno-Serum Improves the texture of the skin


I'm really picky one when it comes to choosing products to my skin. I like to use Vegan and Organic skin products but they usually use oil bases which is not suitable for my skin. Especially during the night time, I like the feeling that my skin actually breath. That's why I prefer to use oil-free skin care products to my face. In some occasions, I'm using oil based serums under my makeup to get that glowy look.

MÁDARA Organic Skincare Infinity Drops Immuno-Serum Improves the texture of the skin. Yes, it truly does! Perfect for all skin types especially dry, stressed, sensitized, atopic and mature skin. It's Vegan, Gluten-free and ECOCERT Certficated. The high-quality serum contains an essence that is made up of a unique lactobacillus strain, mushroom beta-glucans, provitamin D and polyphenol essence from the Madara plant that restricts dehydration, balances the skin's microbiome and counteracts oxidative stress. I have found this such a magical product! It goes well with the MÁDARA INFINITY MIST. This combination gives a smooth texture to my skin right away! It's perfect for makeup-free days as the skin looks so matte and smooth! Also, perfect for using it as a primer under the makeup. It gives the same effect and look like a normal premier does. I think I just found my long last favorite product to use. I'm amazed!

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • For velvety soft skin

  • Reduces the appearance of redness

I'm currently obsessed using serums. To be honest I'm using daily 3 serums but I can really see the difference comparing the time when I didn't use any of serums but only moisturizers. Serums are a great way to locking in moisture and nutrients, their main benefit is that they seal the skin. Serums are all killer and no filler, containing the highest concentration of active ingredients that you can get without a prescription. Compare—cleansers and moisturizers usually contain between 5 and 10% active ingredient, whereas serums can contain up to 70%. This means that you’ll actually get results, whether you’re looking to even tone, reduce fine lines, brighten, firm or get rid of dark spots.

I recommend to invest in a good serum, you’ll actually have something that works. No more wasting money on multiple products that are just ok, or that you think might be working; a great serum is actually going to give you visible results.

Here are serums that I'm currently using daily: