Nothing makes your journey memorable than a comfortable and suiting hotel experience. Choosing the right hotel has often been a daunting task for many travellers, but at Hotel ZOE by AMANO, they know what you want, and will never deliver anything less than you deserve. They see the stress, frustration, and anguish that comes with sleeping in a hotel that offers services that are below par. For me, it is really important that I will get the best sleep at the hotel. There was waiting on the table for me a cute sleeping eye mask, which really made me believe that this is definitely my place to stay when visiting in Berlin.

There are several things you should note when selecting the right hotel. A look at my experience on my visit to Hotel ZOE by AMANO will help you to realise what you should expect from them.



Hotel ZOE by AMANO hotel is situated in Berlin, an urban location which is some miles away from Monbijou Park and very close to Heckscher. The hotel is located in a very serene, beautiful and civilised environment that will avail you the opportunity of receiving the passion and fun that Berlin has to offer. One of the things I was quick to observe was the hotel’s lovely design, from its lobby and 88 rooms to its breakfast room and conservatory to its rooftop bar and views of the TV towers; there are just no limits to the beauty of this hotel. The hotel is adorned with earth tones, gold, marble, and velvet. You can easily see the elegance of the hotel through its architecture. The design concept and great hospitality are things that will forever linger in my heart and in anyone’s that visit this hotel. If you are looking for a hotel with elegance and beauty, Hotel ZOE by AMANO should be the first on your list.

World-class Security

For me, Hotel ZOE by AMANO is a home away from home. They offer the best security services that are second to none. Their staff is always working round the clock to provide the safest and most secured measures you cannot get somewhere else. They utilise various modern technologies and gadgets to ensure you are always safe and secured.

Comfortable Beds

One of the features of Hotel ZOE by AMANO that captivated me when I visited the place is the comfort that the bed offers. They have comfortable beds in their 88 rooms to provide a place to rest your head after a stressful trip. The beds are clean, well maintained and properly designed. I noticed the bed in my room was well positioned to allow proper ventilation. The pillows and blankets are selected to offer you the optimum comfort that you deserve. The hotel provides adequate lighting in the rooms,  improved lighting always enhances room experience and gives me a sense of security. There are three types of rooms based on the level of comfort and price. They have a standard room, comfort room, and superior room. These rooms have all you need for a comfortable stay.  Guests have access to free WIFI, Flat-screen TV, air-conditioning system, hairdryer, etc. 

Tasty Menus

The kitchen houses the best Chefs that provide delicious meals to the clients and lodgers. They have standard beverage outlets. The guests have access to hot breakfast. 

The G&T cocktail bar is another awesome place I visited. The cocktail bar offers the best Gins; guests have access to an impressive list of Gins and it also gave me a good opportunity to meet with many interesting people from all walks of life. 

The staffs are very accommodating and respectful. I found it quite interesting and easy to relate with them. They seem to have a guest-first attitude which makes them always respond to the need of the guests with ease.  

If you are looking for a good hotel in Berlin and its environs, Hotel ZOE by AMANO will be the best choice for you. Avail yourself the opportunity to enjoy the best G&T cocktail bar, excellent staff, serene environment, and fantastic hotel experience, Visit Hotel ZOE by AMANO today and I can guaranteed you will be glad you do.

Xx Paula