Merchants House Hotel Tallinn Estonia

All Aboard! The massive Tallink cruise ship in Helsinki, Finland for a short 2 hours trip to Tallin, Estonia. Tallinn has been appointed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is truly a gem. This astonishingly well preserved medieval walled city positively radiates charm. It beckons one to stroll and appreciate its quaint squares, pretty parks, colourfully painted buildings, cobbled lanes, castles, churches, and museums. If you want to be right in the historic heart of town, Merchant’s Hotel is ideal. It could not be more central since it is on a small lane that leads into Tallinn’s beautiful, fairy-tale-like Town Hall Square. This house that was once a home of a medieval merchant dates back to the 14th and 16th century. The hotel is placed in two houses with medieval exteriors, narrow corridors and secret stairwells, ceiling and wall paintings, balconies and wooden ceiling-beams. Thus, it is not surprising to find that the accommodations are not your cookie-cutter style of hotel rooms which all look alike. Instead, each has its character and alters in size and configuration. Many of the guestrooms face onto a central courtyard. These are quieter than those facing the cobbled street.

Although my time in Tallin was cut short, I do appreciate every second spent here. I will return for a more extended stay.

I highly recommend staying at the Merchant House hotel; the location is brilliant. It's also suggested by the manager to visit the new fashion house/ whisky bar/cigar lounge (all in one) that has just opened up.

Dboiss whisky and cigar lounge