LUXURY STAY: Executive Suite at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Helsinki

It's been challenging but a fantastic year for me. I have been on the go since October 2017 when I decided to travel to Bali, Indonesia for three months and being free in a place where the weather, food and people all together make a place paradise. I decided to move from London to Berlin and ever since It's continuously been non-stop, from Bangkok to London and now we are in Finland for the celebration of Walpurgis Night.

In Helsinki, Finland I spent two nights with at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in the executive suites which is named after the renowned architect Alvar Aalto and boast furniture created by the designer. Radisson Blu is a great brand to seek out whenever you’re travelling in Europe, and this Radisson Blu Plaza is one of the best properties in the collection’s portfolio. The convenient location of the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in the city centre is near Helsinki Central Railway Station (Kluuvi) and is located around the best restaurants, historic sites and bars.

The level of comfort in this suite surpassed all expectation and was complemented by excellent service from all members of staff. Something a little extra special, consider booking the lavish Plaza Suite. This two-level suite is located in the historic tower of the hotel and boasts Spanish-style windows with great views of Helsinki. The downstairs is the central living area and includes a great lounge space where you can get some work done, or relax. Up the spiral staircase is the main bedroom and bathroom, complete with a private sauna. The suite includes all of the standard amenities but in a 900 square foot room ensuring the best luxury experience possible.