Viva Skin Clinics x Paula Potry

I have been struggling with my combination skin for a while. I have seen so many changes also with the texture of my skin as I have been travelling a lot lately; frequent temperature changes, long flights and a hectic lifestyle have all shows on my face. I got an opportunity to meet the owner of Viva Skin Clinics Dr Rupert, who analysed my skin and we created the best treatment to get a better healthy looking skin. I think it’s important to look as good as I feel!

He recommended the Glow Peel treatment. This chemical peel profoundly exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and improve the texture of the skin, as well as thoroughly cleansing to banish stubborn dirt and grime, leaving the overall complexion brighter, rejuvenated, and glowing. We did the peeling three times in one appointment, which lasted only 30 minutes. During the treatment, I felt the heat on my skin, which is normal, the heat causes the redness and dryness, which why I suggest having the rest of the day makeup free. Keeping the peeling lotion on your face for at least 4 hours to make the recovery time the best enjoyable. 
That night after the treatment I stayed in for a movie night with my boyfriend and the next morning, my skin was quite normal without the redness. It’s important after the treatment to avoid the sun and use SPF 50 if there are any possibilities you will be exposing sun to your face.

Straight after the appointment, I felt how my skin was so much tighter and glowy, all the wrinkles disappeared. Although my skin got dry shortly after I soon started to see positive results in my impure skin. 
It usually takes a week to see the most of the results, when the surface of your skin starts to get back to normal but with much better condition! It is brilliant for going make-up free or as a little treat before your holidays or for those of us who love lashings of highlighter and like an extra boost from the base up. I can recommend this to all of you guys. 😉

Before and After