Driving a Spacious MINI Cooper S 4-Door Hardtop around Los Angeles, California

Whenever I think of California, the perfect weather and scenic coastal drives pop up in my mind first. That’s why when I did a series of shoots in Los Angeles, I made sure that I’d be able to soak in some sun and squeeze in a bit of driving around the Golden State. And what better way to discover LA’s wonders than with a MINI Cooper S 4-Door Hardtop!

Tiia and I set off on a road trip from the famed Hollywood Hills to the long stretch of bay areas along the Pacific Coast Highway or PCH. We had a full day planned ahead, as we thought of having a picnic first before spending a refreshing afternoon at the beach. We had no problem bringing along lots of snacks and drinks because the MINI Cooper’s luggage compartment gave more than enough room for all our stuff.

Navigating around downtown Los Angeles was a breeze with MINI’s built-in media system display that seamlessly guided us away from congestion. When we arrived on Hollywood Boulevard, I opened the panorama window to feel the wind and the sun. It was such a carefree moment having my hands up in the air as we passed by the star-studded, palm-lined road.

Out of the many green areas available, we chose to spend the morning in Griffith Park to get a great view of the Hollywood Sign. I had an invigorating run in this urban oasis, with occasional stops to take pics of cute dogs playing near the trails. I couldn’t help but admire the LA skyline when I reached the top!

After the picnic, we headed back to the MINI Cooper S standing out in the parking lot with its electric blue finish. The hardtop is indeed eye-catching with its iconic exteriors, but it’s even more stunning inside. The 2019 model is a luxuriously upholstered sedan boasting of extra legroom than its nimble predecessor. I love the fact that I can comfortably stretch out for a quick rest and move around without feeling cramped.

On our way to Santa Monica Beach, we had to pass through a watery path, so I decided to drive more carefully. Good thing the MINI Cooper’s all-season tires have firm grip even on wet or slippery roads. Then we stopped near the pier and caught an energising whiff of the sea. The combined scents of the ocean and barbecues, plus the cheerful vibe of the place, made the beach even more inviting. I couldn’t wait to sink my feet in the sand and wade through the gentle waves.

By late afternoon, we were ready to hit the road again. This time, I wanted to be the one to experience the vehicle’s top-performing features as we cruise along PCH. Having easy-switch driving modes, the MINI Cooper S Hardtop allowed me to balance the car’s performance. The potent TwinPower Turbo engines and four-wheel independent suspension also provided sturdy handling. This powerful car could easily run 60 MPH within 6.5 seconds, but of course we wouldn’t want to miss the gorgeous sunset. The highway offered marvellous scenes of rock formations and glimmering restaurants dotting the coast. We were able to witness them all come to life as the night embraced Cali. I definitely want to go on a magical road trip again!