Paula María is a 25-year-old Finnish blogger and model who is passionate about fashion, travelling and a healthy lifestyle. She started work with luxury brands and designers after she moved from the countryside to the capital city of Finland, Helsinki and signed to a model agency and attended to the beauty contest Miss Model of The World year 2013. 

Paula decided to work as a freelance model in the same year she moved to London in November 2016 and started creating her fashion brand and lifestyle blog, where she often share behind the scene of the modelling career. 

The year of 2017 was a busy and a great year for Paula. She walked for London Fashion Week and have been featured in Vogue and in the front page of the Time Magazine. She travelled to ten countries creating and networking before deciding to work for herself. 

Besides the beautiful adventures, she wants to get more perspectives and inspiration for her very first own VanillaShanti eco-friendly yoga wear premium collection.




Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business in fashion industry.

By knowing what fabrics are eco-friendly and sustainable, you can then also make an impact on the environment. Our collection is not only environmentally friendly, but they also look great and feel fantastic too. We are focused to high quality, starting from the handmade designs to the customers wearing the clothes. We love our community and we want to take care of all of us! 

-Vanilla Shanti


Vanilla Shanti yoga wear is all about chic comfort-pieces for a modern look at laid back ease. A brand that disseminates quality and where the branding showcases a style that is minimal yet strong, eminent and for the 21st century girl. We are thinking the ‘less is more’ vision and incorporate a modern approach to design that is clean paired with powerful design language.



I love my lifestyle.
It includes a lot of travels, but I think it makes us more precious than anything else in this world.
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